Ambispace is an expression composed of 'ambi' and 'space'. It is introduced to describe the known concepts of augmented or mixed reality, and also cybrids. These concepts are based on composite presentations of fictional and physical objects in one embodiment. As expression ambispace is used to substitute 'Augmented Reality', 'Mixed Reality' and also 'cybrid objects'.
Using reality to describe a fiction or partly a fiction as real is simply not correct. A fictional object, even as digital crafted object, is not real. Its appearance can not be discovered without assistance of physical tools. Experiencing such an object without those tools is impossible, and so is the so called reality. It is a fiction, not real. Assuming such an object as real because it is shown in a real world, is simply wrong. Naming the whole composition as reality does not make it better.
The same is valid for cybrids. While cybrids are not claimed to be real, they are described as objects in cyberspaces and physical space. Questioning there whereabouts leads to the same conclusion and the same paradox applies to them. At least cybrids are acknowledging the double nature of their existence.

This critic on terms or definitions is not aimed at mixtures between digital spaces and the physical world as compositions. But inaccurate terms or definitions almost lead to a misunderstanding of the concept. Describing the somehow ambivalent nature of composite objects with wrong terms, miscalling them as 'reality' does not define them correctly.
To solve this problem a step backward provides a satisfactory solution. Instead of neglecting the double nature of composed spaces, the undecisive character is accepted and taken to label it as 'ambispace'.
While ambispace has a cybrid nature, one part cyberspace, the other part physical space, each object here is either fictional or real, and the true nature is in the eye of the beholder.
The tools to look into amnispaces are called ambiviewers.